Originally from Chardon, Ohio, Allison Piccioni is an up and coming film scorer, singer/songwriter, pianist, performer, and composer for all mediums and is eager to begin building her career in the music industry.  Allison currently teaches voice, piano, guitar, alto saxophone and beginner bass privately and for both Redondo Beach and Fairfax School of Rock locations.

Allison is currently accepting new students all over Los Angeles.
Please email from the contact page for more details! 

*Keep an eye and an ear out for Crowd/Theory, a new music project and band involving talented multi-instrumentalists* Until then, keep up with Allison's facebook page!

Extremely motivated, talented, profoundly career driven, organized, professional, and flexible, she can adapt to any environment or situation, giving her the ideal qualities found in today’s composers and artists facing the spotlight.  She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's of Music in Film Scoring and achieved her Master's of Music in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music in London.  She is striving to reach the best of her talents and capability, seeking to enhance her education, network, and experiences.

She plans to establish herself in as many possible aspects of the film and music industry, as a versatile composer and musician. After thoroughly studying subjects like scoring techniques and orchestration, and mastering sequencing programs like Digital Performer, she has dedicated each waking moment and every breath to becoming a more knowledgeable, seasoned composer. She possesses an unlimited potential to thrive and grow, and knows that she has a lot to offer as a talented, young, female, film scorer- and is incredibly anxious to succeed.

Radioactive cover by Crowd/Theory

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